About Go-Fer Farms LP

Go-Fer Farms L.P. is a locally grown and operated Organic Micro Farm Company based out of Sandown, NH. We use an all organic approach in regards to fertilizer, compost, pest control, the seeds we buy, along with “Small Scale” land  plots. Using smaller plots allows for us to utilize bio-intensive approaches while giving the land the respect it deserves.  By respecting mother nature, we are capable of planting the appropriate flowers to create our  “Bug Gardens” to attract beneficial insects who eat the pests allowing us to spend our efforts away from the actual “control” of pests. Plants that are natural critter deterrents eliminate the need for chemical pesticides.

We believe in a healthy, affordable, and sustainable food system and strive to be part of the innovations to come in our food distribution methods.  We are small and staying sustainable while providing quality produce to our local communities.

spring2018 pano
Spring 2018 Sandown, NH
Panoramic View of Sandown, NH Plot 2016

We became an official farm in 2017! With a lot of work, help from our loved ones, and dedication we humbly became a part of the agricultural community in southern NH. By growing herbs, berries, vegetables and other plants using sustainable methods we plan to connect the people within our community with the food they eat, where it all comes from and be a part of the sustainable food revolution.

We also want to help those within the community become sustainable! Please call us or contact us and work with us to install a garden at your own home or business! We will help maintain and grow with you!

Thank you all for your support and positive energy! We can’t wait to grow together with you along the way!


 -Katie Miller and James Emery

Katie and Jim