We Became a Farm!

With a lot of help and support from all of our fellow Go-Fer’s we were able to establish ourselves as a farm in Southern NH! We are planning to proudly serve the local communities of Rockingham County, as well as the Merrimack Valley Area down into Haverhill, MA and further if needed!


Our mission is simple: Go-Fer Farms LP is dedicated to getting fresh, healthy and local vegetables to those within the community, one Go-Fer at a time!

The goal is to grow with the community that is already established. Locally sourced vegetables is something that lacks in our area in Southern, NH and Go-Fer Farms is dedicated to connecting with others that have this very same mindset. 

Our Crate Program is sure to connect us, as well as the farmer’s markets that surround us. 

Thanks for your interest and support, either word of mouth or direct influence. We appreciate it and enjoy the energy that this farm has brought into our lives.


-Kate Miller and James Emery

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Published by Go-Fer Farms

Go-Fer Farms ia a sustainable organic micro crop farm. Using rented tillable land from local lots we produce crops utilizing a bio-intensive process. This bio-intensive process allows for us to maintain organic, nutrient rich soils. Using close form planting and inter-crop planning techniques our micro-farm plots will produce the maximum yield from minimal land. Go-Fer Farms produces crops such as vegetables, Herbs, fruits and berries which will be sold to local restaurants, at farmer’s markets, and local consumers.

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