Go-Fer(s) at the Market!


Thank you to every one who came to visit us and enjoyed the time at the Derry Farmer and Artisan Market in downtown Derry! We had a blast talking to everyone, and getting the word out about our new farm in Sandown, NH. Just for those who aren’t aware of the Derry Market it is located in downtown across from Sabatino’s, in the courtyard by Benson lumber, every Wednesday 3 p.m to 7 p.m.

First Market
Katie and Jim at the Derry Homegrown Farmer and Artisan Market


We at Go-Fer Farms could not have imagined a better first market experienced. Every one that visited our tent was welcoming, happy and enthusiastic about our endeavor here at Go-Fer Farms. What was most impactful on us, was on our return to our second week when we had a few people from the past week come and say hi! Thank you! For us, that is our goal, to connect and to have a conversation about food (and we apologize for not having any spinach…)! Of course farming is our passion here at Go-Fer Farms but having new people walk into our lives and support us from every angle is definitely a main driver here at the farm.

What was on the menu? That is a valid question you should ask. We are harvesting herbs now! We brought pre-bagged herbs such as  spear mint, parsley, thyme, oregano, sweet basil, and sage to the last two markets.

For produce we had red and white globes of radish (along with the radish greens separated), chives, radish greens, baby kale, arugula and a loose leaf romaine mix.

Fresh-picked radish getting a morning wash for the farmer’s market.

All the vegetables were picked in the morning and washed for market. We do not freeze or store our produce for long periods of time because they will ultimately loose their nutritional value and flavor that way. We take our time to get these veggies prepped the proper way and packaged so that their is minimal spoilage as well as a guarantee that they will be as fresh as possible for those who comes by to purchase them!

We sold out of radish and our lettuce mix, but we do have more in store, so come on down to our tent at the Derry Market and meet us! There will be an update page in the news column to keep a fresh update on what produce or products are coming out in the coming weeks!

Thank you to our fellow Go-Fer’s to the community of the Derry Homegrown Farmer’s & Artisan Market. Without all of you, Go-Fer Farms would not be possible, we look forward to growing with you.


-The Go-Fer’s


Published by Go-Fer Farms

Go-Fer Farms ia a sustainable organic micro crop farm. Using rented tillable land from local lots we produce crops utilizing a bio-intensive process. This bio-intensive process allows for us to maintain organic, nutrient rich soils. Using close form planting and inter-crop planning techniques our micro-farm plots will produce the maximum yield from minimal land. Go-Fer Farms produces crops such as vegetables, Herbs, fruits and berries which will be sold to local restaurants, at farmer’s markets, and local consumers.

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