Start of Spring 2018!




The start of 2018 has begun! As every one who wants to plant know the joy of breaking ground! Thanks to Katie’s determination and vision, the Go-Fers have broken new ground and are expanding in 2018! Without her vision, this project could not be the same!

Outside of our original plot that we have been working for four years now, we have decided it is time to add new plots. In total this year we are working 31 plots that span an acre and a half. 797 sq. ft. has already been tilled and plotted, ready to plant, before the plots in the wood and the Hugel Mounds are counted up (where Katie is seen tilling above).


We do not plant in a mono-crop style, and this year we are taking it up a notch. Due to the expansion, new methods are going to be used in companion planting and composting. Beans and wheat are going to get set up in the back for soil regeneration and building for next years crop which means we are looking towards a big bean harvest this year with both Edamame and Pinto Beans being planted.

spring2018 pano

With that said, we are expanding our herb program and our vegetables. Our focus this year is going to be on cucumbers, tomatoes, and leafy greens. With ample space for lettuce we planned a shelf of 84 sq. ft. with rotation factored to grow romaine that are fresher than any grocery store, and abundant to boot. Both Pineapple Tomatoes and Cherry Buzz Tomatoes are going to be our focus for those fruits so that we can grow within our means and produce enough cherry tomatoes to stock your fridges.

One crop we are excited for are the blueberry bushes we chopped at the beginning of the season and are looking healthy and strong. We plan on having them packaged and ready for the crates and market this season if we don’t eat them all ourselves first!

Our new front bed that comprises of a new bed that houses over 70 sq. ft. of newly tilled soil. Add in some compost and our herb program triples in one year!new herb bed

With this space we can now house Basil, Thai basil, Chives, Asparagus, Fern Leaf Dill, Sage, Summer Savory, Rosemary, Thyme, Bay Leaf and so much more to offer you!

Our vegetable list can be found here:

2018 GoFer Veg Menu

In case you haven’t checked out the other pages yet, and there may even be more veggies and fruits to come! We hope you can enjoy our produce because we are growing it for you, and for any one who needs a helping hand and a full belly. Any problem can be solved with some food, and that’s our mission, to grow!

All in all the start we have had has been tremendously great! Our garden is set in its design, and one of unique character, with the plots being thought out and the saplings growing taller every day! We will leave you with a wise saying from a wise creature known as the GoFer: “Eating local will keep your mind at ease and your belly full, as well as our wallets. So Eat Up!”


The Go-Fers

beds done!2018
Finished product for the start of 2018. Where to put the plants..?






Published by Go-Fer Farms

Go-Fer Farms ia a sustainable organic micro crop farm. Using rented tillable land from local lots we produce crops utilizing a bio-intensive process. This bio-intensive process allows for us to maintain organic, nutrient rich soils. Using close form planting and inter-crop planning techniques our micro-farm plots will produce the maximum yield from minimal land. Go-Fer Farms produces crops such as vegetables, Herbs, fruits and berries which will be sold to local restaurants, at farmer’s markets, and local consumers.

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