Spinach Prep!

Today is a beautiful day to prepare a cold crop bed and sow some seeds. With the temperature in the mid 50’s and the overnights staying above 40 degrees the planting season is in full force. Although it may not look like much, Katie has planted and put more than 300 seeds in the ground, with more coming daily.

Early morning shot before the spinach preparation.


At the moment we have some lettuce already in the ground thanks to some nice weather last week, but to add to our greens we are planting a few varieties of spinach, kales, Swiss chard and arugula. The focus of today’s post shows Katie working and prepping the spinach bed. It is set in the open with plenty of sun and well composted. The two varieties of spinach that we have are Palco, and Lakeside. Two very green, leafy spinach that are great for salads, smoothies, sautéed and even raw!



Within the spinach bed you can see two rows of seed in front that are our Edamame beans. With help from these beans, the spinach will develop strong and tasty. In a lot of our plots similar to this one we have one or two “companion” plants for the main crop.

ed rows.JPG


The companion that has joined the spinach in this bed is of course the edamame. With its high nitrogen output the beans will act like a natural fertilizer for the greens and keep “feeding” the plants over the course of their harvest.  This ensures a delicious crop delivered to you throughout our growing season!

Our spinach crop should be full and abundant in about a month (30 days) so keep a view on our website for the next update! We hope you enjoy, and if you have questions please contact, or comment!



The Go-Fer’s


Published by Go-Fer Farms

Go-Fer Farms ia a sustainable organic micro crop farm. Using rented tillable land from local lots we produce crops utilizing a bio-intensive process. This bio-intensive process allows for us to maintain organic, nutrient rich soils. Using close form planting and inter-crop planning techniques our micro-farm plots will produce the maximum yield from minimal land. Go-Fer Farms produces crops such as vegetables, Herbs, fruits and berries which will be sold to local restaurants, at farmer’s markets, and local consumers.

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