Crate Program

Hello fellow Go-Fers’!

Our crate program is designed around you! We are limited to what Mother Nature brings, but having said that, our vegetables will be brought right to your door step! The details of the Crate Program are quite simple:

We grow the vegetables, herbs, fruits, and flowers and then present you (our fellow Go-Fer’s) with an updated list of what will be ready and when for delivery.

You choose, based off of the available vegetables during the given crate cycle, as to what you would prefer to have in your crate and at what frequency you would like it delivered. We focus on green leafy vegetables, beans, radish, tomato, okra, peppers, cucumbers, herbs and many other varieties you may not hear about!

We examine your requests and facilitate as best we can to bring you a crate that will feed you and your family with fresh, locally grown vegetables!

Crate prices will be based off of market prices.

Our crates can be purchased for the whole year, or on a bi-weekly basis.

Above in the link, listed are the crops we look forward to growing, and the seasons that they will be available, as well as the harvest times so you may see when each crop can be chosen. Please reference this page when ordering Crates.

-The Go-Fers’



Crate Sample Pic1
A simple clip from last years crate!

We do want to let everyone know that due to demand and limited stock (as we are a micro farm) that we appreciate your patience and interest in Go-Fer Farms LP!

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