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Week of 6/4/2018 – 6/10/2018

It is Monday! Last week I apologize for not having a quick update, so this week I am going to DOUBLE the update! Last week was a very busy week for the farm. We have germinated more sprouts for transplants, built a cat house, and gotten the compost nearly restocked. If you feel like you may have missed that… yes we did build a cat house. Due to the extremely healthy pests that occupy our area, we have decided to adopt barn cats! With their house all built, it is now a waiting game, we have our whiskers out to several feral cat rescue centers. When the call comes in we are ready to adopt! Updates to come…

The Go-Fers also took on a big side project for a local camp. With over 70 perennial plants planted  the project was an overall success. With an overhaul and uproot of all previous plants and weeds the aesthetic should be beautiful for years to come! Pictures will be brought in to show the project, and an update will accompany it shortly.

With this new week in full swing, and ducky weather outside, the little green sprouts are getting bigger by the day! We are anticipating harvest for our greens and herbs to be near ready in the next couple weeks. If you have a hankerin’ for kale, arugula, radish, herbs and flowers, then wait with us for another week or two, and we are going to be delivering by the box load to your door step!

-The Go-Fers

Week of 5/7/2018-5/13/2018

Happy Growing Season! We have hit the fields, and shaped the beds. Our seedlings are any where from 4″-8″ depending on the variety and we are set to get them into the ground! With an architect and a mule, the Go-Fers are ready. We do have plants for sale at the moment if any one if looking for a select variety of Tomato saplings, potential cucumber, sunflower, broccoli and cauliflower. As far as Tuesday is concerned, we have an assortment of veggies and fruits hitting the dirt. The quick version is Tuesday: Broccoli, Cauliflower, Pinto Beans, Asparagus, Carrot, Lettuces, Spicach (Palco), Cucumbers, Peppers, Eggplant, Okra, Wheat, Edamame, Garlic, Shallot, Fairy Tale Pumpkins, and many many more I will Have to Update tomorrow!!

With the dirt tilled, and the update here, and more to come tomorrow and next week, I leave you with the fact that eating local fills your belly and our wallets!

-The Go-Fers


Week of 6/25-7/1 

Get ready for a week that should be a week we have been waiting for! The sun has been out and the plants are starting to stretch their roots and reach up! We were fortunate to bring some greens and radish to the market last week, but were still limited on the greens. Given the current weather, however, all the plants are starting to shoot and grow at a rapid rate!

This week we are looking to bring a few more greens to the market as well as some new herbs. Spear mint is coming back in bagged and plant form, as well as apple mint and chocolate mint! Not to mention some new lemon balm will be showing up to bring an anti-mosquito barrier, as well as an essential oil and calming herb with many beneficial aspects.

As a small farm we are looking to facilitate to the small homeowner or apartment owner which is why windowsill herbs will begin to filter in at market. Oregano, and mint will also join the lemon balm as a plant form and loose leaf. 

We are beginning to accept orders to be picked up at the market. If you know you will be there and enjoy our produce or cut flowers, please reach out to goferfarms@gmail.com and send us a list of herbs and produce you would like to pick up and we will contact you back with an available inventory. 


-The Go-Fer(s)


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